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Praise for Yes Means Yes



“As a feminist, Yes Means Yes is a thought-provoking read—watching a young woman's sense of self and agency unfold while grappling with one of the major social issues facing college life today.”

— Philanthropic community fund manager, Seattle, Washington


A timely novel about campus sexual assault that maintains suspense, yet remains true to the law.

— Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Washington State

The result is a simply riveting read from cover to cover and a novel that is unreservedly recommended for both community and academic library Contemporary American Fiction collections.

— Midwest Book Review

The plotline is engaging and the subject matter offers plenty to ponder.

— Kirkus Reviews


Praise for Harvest Homicide



“A nice read. It has a good mix of local (Washington) wine information and international intrigue.”

“A gripping story of death, theft, intrigue and romance.”

“A fun, fast and easy read. Perfect for the beach.”

“Very educational on the process of winemaking.”


A thriller that can be savored.

Kirkus Reviews



“In Steve Wells' book, Harvest Homicide, the reader gets to travel from the vineyards of Washington State’s Walla Walla wine region to the shores of Hong Kong and then onto the burgeoning new wine region of Ningxia, China. The plot is compelling, with excellent character development of protagonist winemaker turned detective, Eric Savage. The descriptions of the winemaking process in the first few chapters of the book are also an excellent way to learn about winemaking.”


“An interesting plot that captures your interest after the first few chapters. Then it was hard to put down. I definitely recommend this as a fun read.”


Praise for Ginger's Story



Ginger's Story captures the emotional bond between canine and human, often overlooked in healthy child development. And as a friend of Mark Stover, I found Ginger's connection with Mark to be heartwarming.” 

—Guy F. Palumbo, owner of Roscoe's Ranch


A fabulous read.


“I really felt the love of both animal, family and friend. . . . Short and sweet and kept me wanting more.”

“Believable and touching.”

“A very loving story. I would recommend it to anyone who loves dogs.”